Quiet Times

When the world is at a stand still
And the heart is slowly beating
There is more than words to fill
What humans end up cheating.
With all the noise they make
When they could just relax,
Enjoy what’s real not fake
Like the music of a flute and sax.
Or enjoy the soft breezes of spring
That float through the languid day
Or enjoy the sweet smells flowers bring
With their long lasting fragrance to stay.
Even storms have an eye for calmness
Eventually ceasing their unsettled wild
By producing a gentle fondness
For the unappreciated winds so mild.
let the day calm you down when you can
For the quiet times are so  few
And the reality of the noisiness by man
Can’t beat the quiet times so true.


Magical Realism

Magical realism

Trying to open the doors
Into another world while staying
Inside its own home.

Magical realism

Subtly creating a realm
Within our own realm
That has a different flare.

Magical realism

What tragedies and joy
Does magical realism
Create with its wonder?

Yellow Memories

Memories, they come and they go
But they are never permanently gone
For when memories are born they live
Forever inside are hearts and inside our minds.

When people feel down and blue
They can remember a happy time
By looking into their memories
Of times that brought them smiles.

Yellow maybe the color for cowardice
But it’s a color used for remembering
Those who are gone, those who are here
And those that are right by your side.

Do not forget, do not hide, from
The memories that are floating by
Recapture the memories that you have
And keep them inside your heart always.

Blazing Heat

Blazing sun festers on the skin
The sweat that falls from the face
Collides with the burning skin but
Provides no relief for the time being.

Harsh warm winds blasted through
Pushing back any cold relief
That summer fails to give out as
It is a season without mercy.

From spring to summer
A period that causes blues
Well reds as it’s heated so much
Through and through the days.

But never fear for the heat
Cannot last long as Mother Nature
Decrees, for the Autumn and Winter
Seasons will bring a cold cool breeze.


Pitter patter
Patter pit
The rain falls

the clouds roll in
Thunder clashes
Lightning does the

No need to fear
The storm that comes
It gives life

Plants drink its dew
Humans do it too
For water is life

Heart of the storm
It’s center, it’s eye
It creates a calmness .