Morning Conversations Between Frenemies

Morning sun had peeked over the horizon with its hues of golden pink tinting the violet clouds still revealing leftover night. It was early in the day but that is how the two met, sitting on a park bench and watching the sun’s slow inevitable rise.

Percival Flambeau wasn’t sure why he was here. Hated the man next to him and refused to speak first. It was the other man’s idea to come here this early in the morning. Stripping Percival from his usual morning routine just so they could talk about something important or so the other man said.

At least there was no one in the park because Percival didn’t enjoy being in places with too many people. It’s a phobia of his he has had ever since he was a child. The other man consistently tried to break him out of his shell only making it worse. Just the thought of it made him growl in displeasure.

“For God’s sake Zane tell me what is so important already!” Percival shouted, startling crows out of a large oak tree. Good, at least others were having a bad start to the day.

Zane Ravenscroft sighed, rubbing his temple at his impatient friend. He knew Percival hated being out without a reason but this was a really good one. Whether Percival believed him or not it didn’t matter, he was the only one who would listen to him. There was his co-worker Victor but there was something off about that man.

“Percy…I…I think my house is haunted.”

Percival blinked. “You what?”

“I think…my house is haunted or at the most…alive.” Zane murmured like a child being scolded for saying something silly.

Actually the concept of a house being alive was really silly. What did Zane take him for? If this was another of his stupid pranks Percival would end it. So, he would hae to say what he needed to say about this ridiculousness.

“Alright. Did you go to Pete for advice?” Percival asked calmly, enjoying the surprised look on Zane’s suddenly noticeable tired eyes.

“I…didn’t think about that. Pete’s the hippie fortune teller that runs the gas station in town right?”

Percival nodded. Pete was an interesting character who was called the fortune-teller of Endor because whatever he said or the advice he gave often worked. Going to him one would be able to get a guaranteed 100% reading.

“Yeah I guess I’ll go to him. He’ll know what to do. He’s knowledgeable about the supernatural stuff.”
“And as we all know Endor’s full of it.” Percival grumbled.

Zane laughed and slapped Percival playfully on the back, feeling a lot better. “I owe you one. If you run into anything haunted or spooky let me know okay?”

“Yeah, yeah. Speaking of owe, you still owe me a dinner for going out with that crazy lady friend of yours.”
“Hey you liked her and you know it. I said if you didn’t enjoy the set-up I’d take you out to dinner.” Zane didn’t really want to treat Percival, he’d be mean and go somewhere expensive so he was fighting for his rights and his money.

Percival shrugged, not budging on the matter. “You’re taking me out to dinner tomorrow. Bring your wallet.” He said with a grin and stood up, stretching. “Go see Pete. He’ll be able to help. If you’re still worried you can stay with m until you figure things out.”
Zane was surprised for the second time that day. “Really?” Percival never offered his home to anyone. It was a rather shocking day for the both of them. Between haunted houses and Percival having an understanding side, Zane wonder what more could happen.

Percival waved to Zane and headed off, wondering why he offered his home to the man who annoyed him the most. Maybe he should call that woman Zane introduced him a couple night’s ago, the crazy redheaded one. She seemed to understand him well enough. Or maybe he would just talk to his cat Cosmos.

Whatever he would do, he had a feeling that strange things are going to occur aside from a haunted house.


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