Welcome to Vivd Ether

A place where writing and imagination clash together in hopes of creating some literature. It may not always be the best, but it’s something at least! I’m trying to improve my writing skills since I hope to someday publish. Everyone tells me to publish while young and while I understand some of the works I’ve read by young people could obviously use some polishing. I, on the other hand, inspired by a number of writers wish to improve my writing before I even think about publishing.

Now there maybe mature themes, but you’ll be warned ahead through multiple ways such as tags, categories and noting at the top. However, nothing over the rated R setting, that will be what we call in the RP world fade-to-black: Means that mature themes will kind of disappear like how in movies those scenes tend to fade-to-black fi they’re not mature movies.

I really hope you enjoy it here and do not hesitate to comment. However, I will not stand for bashings of my work, if you don’t like it, don’t read it. Also no bashing of other people’s comments. Everyone has an opinion, even my own writings will have opinions, but that does not mean we should just use that as an excuse to be rude to others. Let’s keep it civil folks!

Anyway, thanks so much for considering or looking at my blog. I hope it will not disappoint. I maybe slow at times since I’m a grad student and school comes first but I will try to post something once a week. That is my goal for here.


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